We’re well into October now, which means one thing: the holiday season has begun. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and finally Christmas and New Years, each holiday with their own carpet staining possibilities. Any homeowner who has kids running around will know the dangers of chocolate, juice, and soda, and any adult with white carpets will be wary of people drinking red wine and dripping cranberry sauce. We’ve covered methods of carpet cleaning in a previous blog, so to prepare for this holiday season, Steam Master Cleaning wants to arm you with ways to prevent stains in the first place. If an accident occurs, contact us right away for carpet cleaning services.

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Strong, Durable Plates

Thanksgiving and Christmas are especially challenging, with gravy, sauces, and juicy foods that can soak through paper plates. As much as you want to break out the fine china for a large party, providing guests with paper plates is cost-efficient and makes clean up fast and easy. On the other hand, inexpensive plates, messy meals, and guests with full hands can lead to spills and stains on the carpet. When preparing for a party, stock up on durable plates that will hold up to juicy foods.

Have Plenty of Available Seating

When people are wandering around your home, socializing with their friends, a plate full of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and Jell-O for the kids will inevitably fall from guests’ hands. When there are end tables in the living room or bar height folding tables in the kitchen, guests can set their plates down while chatting the night away. This simple step will make eating and drinking easy for social butterflies.

Carpet Cleaning Services San AntonioHave Carpet Cleaning Supplies On Hand

To prevent spills from becoming stains, you’ll know that the faster you act, the better. In an inconspicuous place in the kitchen, living, and dining room, keep a durable roll of paper towels, some baking soda, a spray bottle ready with a mixture of white vinegar and dish soap, and a bottle of water. By having these supplies on hand, you won’t waste precious time finding what you need, mixing together cleaning products, and you will be able to act quickly in order to soak up any liquid before it sets in. For serious spills that leave behind stains no matter how fast you act, call a reliable carpet cleaning service.

Keep Your Third Eye Open

For households with kids, it takes a sixth sense to know when an accident is about to happen. Help younger children load up their plates before they walk away and watch our for kids who want to carry a cup of soda and a plate full of treats at the same time. Our carpet cleaning service understands that preventing every spill may be impossible, and we don’t want to take all of the fun out of holiday parties, but you know how excited kids can get when chocolate is involved.

This holiday season, stay ahead of the game when it comes to carpet stains and remember that prevention is the best medicine. However, when the last guest leaves after your New Year’s Eve party, be sure to call a professional carpet cleaning service in San Antonio. Steam Master Cleaning and Restoration will make your carpets look as good as new.