Next to the kitchen, where does your family spend the most time hanging out? The living room, right? Sitting on the couch watching a movie with popcorn, on the loveseat reading a book with a glass of wine, everyone gathered around the sofa playing games with dinner on their laps, or curled up with your favorite furry family member. If any of those sound familiar, your couch, loveseat, and chairs are prime targets for pieces of food, dust, hair, pet hair, and other particles getting trapped beneath and in the cushions. Vacuuming will only get to so much, so there are a couple tests to determine if you’re in need of upholstery cleaning.

At Steam Master Cleaning, we’re more than just your average carpet cleaning service, we cover furniture, tile and grout, hardwood floors, air ducts, and more.

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Test #1: The Clap Test

If your couch is near a window, wait for a sunny day (it won’t take long in San Antonio) draw back the curtains, roll up the blinds, and give the couch a good whack. Even after a thorough home vacuum treatment, there’s a good chance that dust will fly up and be visible in the light.

Test #2: The Sniff Test

upholstery cleaningGrab a pillow or get your nose close to the back or an arm of the sofa and give it a big whiff. Is it musty? Does it smell just slightly off? While there are some couch materials that make it more difficult for dust and dirt to get in, many sofas out there are made from cotton, linen, or wool and are filled with debris that is hard to remove.

Over time, stuff (bacteria, mold, dust mites, skin particles, moisture, dirt that pets trail in) accumulates and it doesn’t just rest on the surface of the couch. Moisture especially will soak into the material and can cause damage to the foam core and batting. Rather than spending a fortune on reupholstering or replacing the furniture throughout your house, it might be time for a professional cleaning!

Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning


If you’ve had your couch, love seat, or comfy chair for more than a few years, the color has probably faded and it’s beginning to get that dirty feeling. A professional cleaning job will dramatically improve the appearance of your couch. Wine or juice stains will be removed and the colors will have a brightness that may not have been seen since you first brought it home.


furniture cleaningThis is an especially big benefit for those who have pets. Cats or dogs, they’ll lay around and have a good long nap on your couch, all the while letting the smell settle into the sofa. It’s not just pets, though. Humans with shoes or a strong smelling dinner one night, all of the odors in your home will filter through the fabric of your couch and remain there until it’s cleaned.


A couch is no small investment, so homeowners want their furniture to last as long as possible. When dust lands on the couch, it is scratching at the fabric and wears it out, just like it would on hardwood floors. With regular professional cleanings, the dust is removed and allows the fabric to remain strong and fresh for longer.

Removes Allergens

Anyone with allergies knows how unpleasant it can be to live with dust and pet dander laying around. Improve the air and help you and your guests breathe a little easier with a thorough cleaning.

If you’re worried that upholstery cleaning is too expensive, think about how much you spent on the couch in the beginning. Prevent the need to replace your furniture with regular furniture cleaning from Steam Master Cleaning and Restoration. Call us today to learn more about our carpet cleaning services, pet stain removal, and more.