1. Should You Worry About Your Carpet Shrinking?

    When homeowners schedule an appointment with a carpet cleaning service, there are a few steps that should be taken beforehand, but other than that, there’s nothing to it! The technician comes in, lets you know what the process is, and gets to work giving your carpet a like new appearance. There aren’t often any significant issues that occur during the cleaning. But have you heard of carpet shr…Read More

  2. What to Know About Carpet Materials

    The more you know about carpet, the easier it will be to make a choice on what kind should be installed in your living room, bedroom, or hallways. In the previous blog we discussed different types of carpet, including Saxony, frieze, berber, and level loop. Many of these styles of carpet are durable and soft, giving your home a welcoming atmosphere. They can also be easily cleaned by a professiona…Read More

  3. Types of Carpet And Which is the Best

    Despite our love for hardwood and tile floors, carpet is still a popular choice for many family homes across the San Antonio area. It gives bedrooms, living rooms, and offices a cozy feeling, it adds a layer of sound protection, and keeps your family’s toes warm. If you’re planning on installing or re-carpeting your home, choosing which type of carpet can be a challenging decision. Not only th…Read More

  4. What to do Before Your Carpet Cleaning

    It’s like when you need to clean up before the maid service comes by, most homeowners may wonder if it’s really necessary. Why spend time tidying up when it’s their job to clean the house? Yes, we understand the argument, but you also know why it’s important to sometimes give a quick rinse to dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, right? You’ll notice the difference a quick clean …Read More

  5. Allergy-Proof Your Home

    When you struggle with allergies, it could be the most exhausting battle. It’s outside in the spring, it’s inside in the cooler months, or it’s just everywhere you go. Yes, you could stock up on allergy medication or avoid the places where you get attacks the most, but who wants to restrict their life like that? Especially when your home could be the most dangerous place. Here are some tips …Read More

  6. Tips For Cleaning Upholstery

    Your family’s living room couch and loveseats are an important part of your home. The kids could come home after school and plop down in front of the TV, it could set the scene for Friday night movies, or lazy afternoons could be filled with laying on the couch. This couch is sometimes quite an investment for families, so when stains begin accumulating and it doesn’t quite feel right anymore, …Read More

  7. Improve The Air Quality In Your Home With These Tips

    People suffering from allergies don’t just have to worry about sneezing, itchy eyes, and constant irritation in the spring and summer. Allergies can be a year round frustration when there are pets at home. But your furry friends aren’t the only culprit. There could be dust mites, pet dander, or mildew hiding in your upholstery, carpets, or even on book shelves. Despite what many may think, con…Read More

  8. Can Your Couch Pass the Sniff Test?

    Next to the kitchen, where does your family spend the most time hanging out? The living room, right? Sitting on the couch watching a movie with popcorn, on the loveseat reading a book with a glass of wine, everyone gathered around the sofa playing games with dinner on their laps, or curled up with your favorite furry family member. If any of those sound familiar, your couch, loveseat, and chairs a…Read More

  9. Clean Every Type of Floor in Your Home

    There is often a variety of flooring in a home and each type comes with its own cleaning challenges. Take a walk through your home and pay attention to what surfaces are below your toes. Carpet is probably the most common flooring option, but there is also hardwood flooring, stone, marble, tile, and area rugs. While you could get away with simply vacuuming the carpet and rugs and using a standard …Read More

  10. Have You Had Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

    How often do you think about the quality of the air you’re breathing? The heat in San Antonio can mean that you have the AC running a majority of the time, and we don’t blame you. But just because the air is cool, doesn’t mean it’s clean. Take a moment to take down the miscellaneous appliances and random kitchen items from your refrigerator and wipe a white cloth along the top. Then look a…Read More