1. Are Your Business’s Bathrooms As Clean As They Should Be?

    Have you ever walked into a business’s restroom and immediately turned around because it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned since 1970? That may sound like an extreme example, but most of us have experienced horrifying public bathrooms at some point. Cleanliness is important — and no place is more important to keep clean than the bathrooms. Your restrooms can say a lot about your business as…Read More

  2. Spring Cleaning: Commercial Cleaning Services For Seasonal Allergies

    Spring has sprung, which means families across San Antonio are making the annual pilgrimage out of the city on the hunt for the perfect bluebonnet field for this year’s family photos. While that happens, there is another subset of the city’s population that all groan in unison and vow to avoid leaving the house. That’s right, the season for heightened seasonal allergies is upon us, and it’…Read More

  3. How To Handle Moldy Carpets

    How often have you heard people talk about black mold with the same sort of homeowner’s horror that might be used to describe a massive hole in the roof? Mold may not seem like a big deal, but it can be just as harmful to your home and your family as that theoretical hole in the roof. It can damage your carpeting, rot away the supporting subfloor, and cause serious health issues for anyone livin…Read More

  4. Water Damage? 4 Steps To Save Your Carpets

    In locations as humid as San Antonio, mold and water damage are serious concerns, especially for carpets. Anything from water tracked in on a rainy day to flood waters seeping in under the doors can cause mold to grow, ruining your carpets and possibly the subflooring that lies beneath them. If you act quickly, however, you can save your carpets and save yourself a good amount of money — because…Read More

  5. Vacuuming Versus Carpet Cleaning: The Difference & Why It Matters

    Fun fact: Did you know that vacuuming is not the same as carpet cleaning? It’s true! Yes, vacuuming should be an integral and important part of your house cleaning routine, but that’s not enough to keep your carpets clean and in good repair. The difference between what a vacuum accomplishes and what carpet cleaning services do is pretty impressive, but both are important. Here’s what you nee…Read More

  6. How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

    Your carpets can have a pretty big impact on the air quality in your home, your allergies (if you have them), and even your overall health. If you don’t clean them often enough, the fibers in your carpets can trap allergens and bacteria which, over time, can weaken your immune system and cause you to get sick more often. Not only that, but dirty carpets can make your home look older and more din…Read More

  7. What to do With Your Old Carpet

    When you come home to a carpet and you can tell where it’s getting the most traffic, you can see the coffee stain from four months ago, and the spilled wine from last Christmas, it means it’s time to make a decision. First, visit our blog “Carpet Cleaning vs. Replacement: Which is Right For You?” If the answer turns out to be carpet cleaning, you know what to do. Give our carpet cleaning s…Read More

  8. Questions to Ask Your Carpet Cleaning Company

    Unfortunately, when you need your carpet cleaned, not all companies will do the job as you expect. They may come late, the carpet may look minimally better than it did before, and when they leave your house, you’re left with more questions than answers and end up looking for another company or even worse, decide that it’s better off to just replace the carpet completely. Not only does this tak…Read More

  9. Carpet Cleaning Myths

    The carpet in your home should bring people together. Friday movie night? Saturday morning cartoons? Doing homework during the week? You do them lounging on the carpet in the living room or in your bedroom. The carpet throughout your home should be comfortable, clean, and always looking its best. Day to day, you can vacuum and clean up spills as quickly as possible, but sometimes you need a profes…Read More

  10. Types of Carpet Cleaning

    Even with the best intentions to keep your carpet clean and grime-free, pets bring in dirty paws, family members wear shoes in the house, and there will always be a spill or two. So when it comes time to schedule a professional carpet cleaning service, who are you going to trust? And what method of carpet cleaning is the best for your home? There are several common methods, but is one better than …Read More